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An Artist's Life

       -2014 AAL

       -2011 AAL

       -Oregon/Skye Retreats


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       -Archived AAL

       -Tir Nan Og

       -Eyrie on Skye


C Bar G Farms

Finn Construction

Marilyn Lindsley

Northwest Health and Healing Center

Oregon Industrial Repair

Sharon Black Consultants

Trillium FiberFuels

Cascade Analytical Reagents & Biochemicals

Yoder Cabinets

Divas and Queens

An ex-engineer navigating the world of Motherhood and Web Design at the same time.

I am based in the Mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon and I am a mom. I began web designing after my first child was born and I quit my engineering job to stay home with her. I realized that a little more right brain excercise was needed for my sanity, but I did not want to "go to work"! I began playing with html and next thing I knew I was asked to take over a non-profit organization's website (what did they have to lose - I was a volunteer!). Well, I love a challenge, so I decided to incorporate a database and web-based tools to keep track of their membership and jobs.

Long story, short - I learned a lot and now I can charge a (modest) fee for my work. I enjoy database design and development of user interface tools, but can help you develop a site that fits your needs. One caveat, if you want heavy graphics and splashy stuff, I'm not your gal. I do not have the time to learn that stuff - remember . . . first, I am a mom!!

If you would like to contact me, feel free to email me!

Thanks for reading, and remember to take your vitamins!!